Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Corrupted University System

Do We Need All These Newly Invented Academic Majors?

Instead of inventing a bunch of new NONSENSE majors, the university system should have invested in opening more labs on campus for students to get hands-on training or connect students with internship positions in the health science or bio-technology industry.

So, you are telling me that there is that much difference between a BIOLOGY and BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES or a Biochemistry major and a simple chemistry major????

The university system really knows how to fool us students. And guess what? We are victims of a solid marketing campaign.

You cannot tell me that a student with a B.S. degree in biology or biomedical sciences graduate cannot extract ribonucleic acids on his first day, let say, at a research facility or a job. I do think that those basic skills are fundamental. Just 2 semester of biology where students only meet for once or twice a week for a couple of hours are SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH. Well, no one seems to care because that trend continues.

No wonder why bio-technology companies are outsourcing jobs to European and Asian market. According to some articles that I have read, companies often outsource for two main reasons: cost reduction and the need to have access to a technical and expert workforce.  In this post, I am addressing to the "lack of technical and expert" workforce. I am not interested in the politics of cost reduction part. That’s left to congress!

Why can't students register for courses that they need for their degree?
Why do students have to beg their friends to reserving them a sit for a course just so that they can graduate on time?
Does it really have to be this way?
I find myself asking why, why and why no one wants to change this trend. The United States is the land of opportunities. Those opportunities are now being shipped abroad just because our educational system has yet to get its act together.

If you cannot guarantee a student these basic services, just be honest to them. Have the gut to tell them that "WE JUST NEED YOUR TUITION AND FEE" money.

Wedlin Sainval, M.S.M.S.

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