Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday to the LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES! The land where dreams are much closer to realities than they are to dreams.

You, young people (yellow, white, black, indigo, green and etc) out there, stop acting stupid! Man up to resist drugs and violence! Embrace one of the many great careers out there so that you can take care of your family and give back to society. You don't belong in prison!

Seize those opportunities as if the United States was about to run out of opportunities. As you know, the United States will never run out of opportunities because those who are already living their dreams are the ones creating those opportunities. Those opportunities are right behind those class doors. You have the key to open those doors since you took your first breath.  Even those who weren't born in this country have their own set of keys.  Now, it is time to grab that key and open those damn doors. Some of us would have a combination lock without instruction. For some, it is a simple key.  Just know that there are times you have to come up with your own solution. Sometimes it might involve a trial and error phase. There are times you just have to ask for help, as one would call locksmith/AAA or a police officer when they are locked out of a home or a car. 

Happy to reside on that LAND!

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